Getting produce to market

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Stefan raises the bar again, and offers some key financial insights. He describes simple techniques for making a healthy living working with the land, increasing yields and eco-system health while reducing work.

Jack Spirkow and Stefan Sobkowiak
Podcast – November 5th, 2014


This is third in in-depth podcast with Stefan, where he shares freely from his experience over the 20 years transitioning a conventional orchard, through organic to something that he calls the re-design model of food production.

Not content with creating an exemplary model of a commercial permaculture orchard, he has applied himself to the business and marketing side of the operation with some interesting results.

He talks about the notion of becoming a price setter, of outcompeting the industrial food system, of telling the story behind your produce. It’s the story your customers take away and tell their friends (the best form of marketing you can get). How did you start, what makes you different?

Stefan acknowledges the need to focus first on growing, feed your family first then take it to market and know you’ve achieved quality and something with value.

Full of practical tips about marketing, harvesting, selling and time management. Stefan and Jack Spirkow explore how to partner with nature to manage the boom and bust cycles of production.



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