If someone’s doing it, they’re worth listening to

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I just had a conversation with Derek Craig – Oak and Thistle – about Stefan Sobkowiak’s visit to New Zealand. Derek is highly respected in his field and has seen Stefan’s Permaculture Orchard film, and had a few things to say about Stefan.

“If someone’s doing it, they’re worth listening to – and Stefan’s doing it.


As well as being a really nice guy, Stefan has 20 years experience as an Orchardist and he’s doing commercial permaculture.”

One of the things I’m excited about is the fact that along with all the clever things he’s done with plants and design, he has also detailed the economics of his business. Right now he’s writing the book that will detail the costs, the materials needed and the labour required to established a permaculture orchard, along with expected yields and therefore likely returns – per square metre. This book will be available by the time he speaks at the Permaculture Voices Conference in LA, just prior to him coming to New Zealand.

If you are interested in working with the land and making a living doing so, grab this opportunity to learn a great deal from someone who is doing it. See the calendar of events to find the ones closest to you.

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