The Beyond Organic NZ Tour – Day 8

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Waiheke, Matakana and the Bay of Plenty events are behind us now. Networks have been established amongst the participants and we’re moving on to the next public events and workshops – from Hawkes Bay to Central Otago.

Stefan is bringing new ways of thinking about growing food, and the level of appreciation for his knowledge and ideas is a testament to the years of trial and error, the practical experience and the depth of research and study he’s undertaken.

See earlier posts, read more of this article to find out what people are getting from the events, or watch the videos to get more background on Stefan and his work.

Why people keep coming to Stefan’s workshops

Here are some of the things workshop participants posted on Facebook, in response to the question, “What are the things you learned, that got you most excited?”

  • Training [rather than pruning] trees – for greater yield sooner.
  • Planting varieties according to harvest dates.
  • Interplanting the fruit trees with support species and the multiple layers of the system.
  • The gift of practical ideas to take home and implement immediately.
  • The paradigm shift when I realized that “I can do this too”.
  • Connecting with others over good food. The conversations with people who share common ground.
  • To be able to show [others] that someone else has already done, what I want to do.
  • The grocery aisle concept – for ease of harvest and maximum sales.
  • Growing your own tree nursery for planting and profit.
  • Demonstration that working with nature is more profitable.
  • A way to make the chaos that is a healthy ecosystem into a sensible business model.
  • Contagious enthusiasm and dynamism.
  • Simplicity, clarity, common sense, humour.
  • And lecturing with a cat on your head, that was pretty good too…

Register for one the remaining events, which are filling up fast, or if we’ve passed you already, then sign up for updates and links to books and videos as they become available.

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