The Six Figure Farming NZ Tour

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Curtis Stone and Jean-Martin Fortier, are two of the leading lights in the urban farming movement, and they happen to be good friends. We spoke on Sunday about a NZ Tour through the month of February (2016), and the plan is firming up.

This will be a chance to meet and learn from these dynamic and powerful visionary urban farmers, who have proven their worth by making a very good living farming what seems like remarkably small plots of land, and in Curtis case, land he doesn’t own.


Curtis and JM will be running a series of one day workshops, one or two 2-day workshops and some public talks as we travel through the country. They may also be available for consulting, if anyone would like some focussed attention on their own project.

Come and learn how to make a good living farming, without having to buy the land. Here’s what an urban farmer from Vancouver has to say, in his article about Jean-Martin’s November’s workshop in New York. Moss Dance:

I started to realize that some of my assumptions about farming were not helping me to succeed. Especially the idea that I needed a large amount of investment money to make my farm more efficient and productive. Here are some farmers who have made smart, strategic investments in small-scale tools and systems and developed a way to make a really good living from a small acreage. I was inspired! I’ve always wanted to keep my farm small, so I’m really stoked about JM’s motto of growing better, not bigger. JMs infectious enthusiasm and amazing practical advice make him a Rock Star Farmer – someone new farmers can look to for inspiration as they build the next generation of farming and food.

If Urban Farming is your thing, or you think it might be, and if you’d like to be kept informed as the plans evolve, leave your name and email address here

BTW Curtis warned me, they can get a little rowdy when they get together. Bring it on I say!

I hope we’ll meet on the tour.

021 252 0653

2 thoughts on “The Six Figure Farming NZ Tour

    Te Kaha said:
    January 5, 2016 at 8:22 am

    Would like to come to this workshop when they are in the coromandel area. Can you give us dates and times please.


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