20 events scheduled from Northland to Otago! Read more and register here. Go to the About page for an overview of the topics Stefan will be covering at the workshops. Note: if you have any trouble accessing the registration page you need, please use this link.

Day/Date Time Location Description and link to more details and registration
Mar 11
1:30pm-2:30pm Waiheke Talk: Developing Te Huruhi Primary school’s fruit tree plantings into diverse polyculture. 
Read more and let us know if you’d like to join in
Mar 12-13
9am – 5:30pm Waiheke Workshop (2-Day): Design your permaculture orchard, at Church Bay permaculture property. Details and registration
Mar 14
11:30am-12:15pm Birkdale Stefan will visit and offer a short talk about the ideas behind the Permaculture Orchard film at the opening event of the Eco-Fest 2015
Mar 15
10am – 4pm Matakana All about Local Food –  Matakana Village Hall. Enjoy a range of juicy dialogue and multiple speakers and stalls at this day long event. Read all the details and register.
Mar 17
9am – 4pm Bay of Plenty Kiwifruit Orchard Redesign Possibilities at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic. This one day lecture and design workshop will offer new perspectives and is being offered to students, orchardists and general public. Read more and register
Mar 17
7pm Bay of Plenty Film and Talk: 45mins of the Permaculture Orchard film followed by talk and extensive Q&A with Stefan Sobkowiak. Bongard Centre, 200 Cameron Rd Lecture room DT104 – 7pm – 9pm. Tickets: $20 at the door (no one will be turned away)
Mar 18-19
9am – 5:30pm Bay of Plenty Workshop (Choose 1 or 2 Days): Conversion of an existing monoculture Nashi Pear Orchard to a diverse polyculture. 
Read more and register – for one or two days
Mar 20
7pm Havelock North Film and Talk: About 45mins of the Permaculture Orchard film followed by talk and extensive Q&A with Stefan Sobkowiak. Havelock North Community Centre (Lantern Gallery) 7pm – 9pm. Tickets: $20 at the door (no one will be turned away)
Mar 21
1:30pm – 4pm Ashhurst Film and Talk: Stefan Sobkowiak will address design principles and economics of a permaculture orchard – that lead to less work and more yield. Find out how to benefit from new global trends in food distribution, from Ooooby co-founders Pete Russell and James Samuel. The Village Valley Centre, 21 Guildford StMore detailsTickets: $20 at the door (no one will be turned away)
Mar 21
7pm Otaki / Manakau Film and Talk: This evening will include a presentation by Bena Denton & Daniel Woolley, on small scale/urban food forests, and Stefan Sobkowiak on Permaculture Orchards. Questions & comments can then be addressed to the speakers along with Gary Williams and James Samuel. Will include some screening of the Permaculture Orchard film. Tickets: $20 at the door (no one will be turned away)
7pm-9:30pm – Manakau Village Hall (8mins Nth Of Otaki, 10mins Sth of Levin)
Mar 22
9am – 5:30pm Otaki Workshop: The Windsor Park Orchard of Jacinta and Jermiah near Otaki, will be the backdrop for learning about design and systems thinking in a small scale commmerical orchard. Along with Stefan Sobkowiak, Bena Denton & Daniel Woolley, Gary & Emily Williams and James Samuel will be contributing to this one day workshop. 
Learn more and register
Mar 24
9am – 5:30pm Wairarapa Workshop:  An opportunity to witness a large scale project (50 acres) and learn from skilled designers. Hosted by Gary Williams and Stefan Sobkowiak at James Cameron’s Pounui farm, this workshop will be one to write home about!
Read more and register
Mar 27
9am – 5:30pm Motueka Workshop: Design a permaculture orchard. The Pear and Organic Kiwifruit Orchard, ‘Walnut Farm’ of Doug & Maree Satherley will be the backdrop for learning how to move from a single species orchard to a polyculture orchard. Read more and register Beyond Organics film night: Jester House, Tasman – March 12th (7pm – 9pm).
Mar 29
2pm – 5:00pm Christchurch Stefan will show a segment of the Permaculture Orchard film, then offer a short talk and field questions. James Samuel will share some of the latest developments in urban food. Then local practitioners and visionaries in the food resilience space, will speak about their projects, before the signing of the Food Resilience Charter. In association with A Brave New City.Venue: WEA, 59 Gloucester St. Suggested Koha $10. Stay to share some of the locally grown food if you can.
Mar 30
  Christchurch A full day workshop at the BHU (Lincoln University) to learn about design and systems thinking in commercial orcharding. Stefan will show the benefit of using a diversity of species, understory plantings and integrated animals to increase returns through greater yields and reduced inputs. Read more and register
Apr 1
10am – 2:30 Dunedin Workshop:  Habitate Nursery – The focus will be fine tuning of an up and running organic market garden / orchard and nursery: Economics and systems design. This half-day workshop is ideal for small scale organic producers, lifestyle-block owners, and keen section owners. Read more and register.
Apr 1
7pm – 9pm Dunedin Film and Talk at The Sargood Centre – Otago Polytechnic – 45mins of the Permaculture Orchard film followed by talk and extensive Q&A with Stefan Sobkowiak.Tickets: $20 at the door (students koha) 
Apr 3
9am – 5:30pm Coastal Otago Workshop (1-day): The focus will be small block orchard design at this recently acquired and beautiful property close to Palmerston. 
Read more and register for this event
Apr 4
7pm Wanaka Film and Talk: About 45mins of the Permaculture Orchard film followed by talk and extensive Q&A with Stefan Sobkowiak and others. Venue: St Johns rooms. 4 Link Way, WanakaTickets: $20 at the door (no one will be turned away)
Apr 5
9am – 5:30pm Central Otago – Hawea Flat Workshop (Day 1): Day one of this two day – two location workshop will take place at the site of the Hawea Flat Domain Food Forest.Read more and register for this day, or this day and the Arrowtown workshop.
Apr 6
9am – 5:30pm Central Otago – Arrowtown Workshop (Day 2): The existing organic and permaculture-inspired orchard of Juliet Pope in Arrowtown will be the backdrop for learning about design and systems thinking in small scale organic enterprise. Read more and register.

4 thoughts on “Calendar

    Rhys Taylor said:
    January 11, 2015 at 9:52 am

    I might be in or near Dunedin 1st April – will note details of that day.


    Catherine said:
    March 15, 2015 at 2:34 am

    Heard the interview on National radio yesterday morning. Soooo disappointed there is no venue for Waikato 😱


      James in NZ said:
      March 18, 2015 at 6:32 pm

      Sorry Catherine, but 20 events was as much as we could squeeze in across the country 🙂
      Maybe next time, if Stefan comes back in 2017.


    robertguyton said:
    March 24, 2015 at 7:45 pm

    If you’re looking for a early taste of harvest and can get to Riverton this weekend, come to the Heritage Harvest festival – apple press, food-forest tours, Mark Christiansen talking, “Around the world in 80 plants” author, Steven Barstow on perennial food plants, Sharon Leopardi on Back-yard Urban Farming, Bill Blair on trug-making, and various local speakers and producers with hurdle construction, cider-tasting, bread and cheese making, preserving – and much, much more. Country Calendar are filming the festival, so wash your face and comb your hair before you arrive and be prepared for lots a talk – the presenters and stall-holders, festival-goers and organisers are all passionate people and looking to share their stories. There’s a Harvest Feast on Saturday night where we all compete fiercely for the title of Champion of the Harvest. Here’s a link to the article in today’s Southland Times. All very welcome!

    And to my blog as well 🙂


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