Food security and job opportunities

A 5 minute presentation with excerpts from the film.


Let’s work together

If you or your organisation are passionate about increasing food security or creating new job and enterprise opportunities, then let’s work together.

The hard work has been done, and now a little collaboration and some financial input could significantly increase the positive benefits coming from the 2015 Beyond Organic NZ Tour.

The Tour

Between March 9th and April 9th 2015, Stefan Sobkowiak will be visiting NZ for an eight stop national tour from North Auckland to Central Otago. His expertise: Increasing productivity and yields in horticulture with less effort and external inputs.

He will be speaking at public events and screenings of the two-hour film about his Permaculture Orchard in Quebec, taking Master Classes at tertiary institutions, offering workshops for hands on learning and gaining media attention along the way, after a big launch event in Matakana on March 15th.

We see opportunities to shift the dial and make a difference! Stefan Sobkowiak will speak to his soon-to-be-released “How to establish a Permaculture Orchard – in numbers”. James Samuel will speak about Ooooby, a social enterprise with a food distribution system. Nicole Masters will be at some of the events and will speak about improving soil health.

This is a tour not to miss.

Desired Outcomes

These are some of the long term benefits we see coming from this tour.

  • An increase in food-based enterprise and job opportunities
  • Video record of workshops to support ongoing education
  • Redesign of several orchards across the country
  • Support of people involved in local food projects
  • A wikipedia of NZ plants describing uses, suitability in different regions and availability
  • A stronger NZ network of people serious about these issues

Enterprise and job opportunities

At the talks and workshops, discussion will focus on the following opportunities.

  • Permaculture Orchards – Compete with how-to plans
  • Farms – looking to diversify and increase resilience
  • Market Gardens – with a focus on low-input, high-output small scale
  • Food Processing – endless opportunities for many
  • Food Distribution – Start an Ooooby hub – with plan
  • Nurseries – Supplying the increasing demand for plant stock
  • Orchard re-design – for those with a love of design
  • Education – we learn from those who love to share their knowledge

Achievements to Date

Some of the best people in the field are putting their energy behind organising region events. Read about the crew.

  • Website and Social Media are live
  • Events are being locked into the calendar
  • Air NZ Sponsored Stefan’s flights
  • Mike Francis underwrote Doreen’s flights

Let’s collaborate

Me-Us-You CollaborationIf you see opportunities for using The Beyond Organic NZ Tour as a vehicle for getting you further down the road of your own goals, I welcome co-investment.

From here on, your funds can be allocated as a gift to fund a specific nice-to-have, or they can be invested as part of the underwriting plan, with the intention of returning it in full.

Do you resonate with the big hairy audacious goal – of rebuilding the local food system (production and distribution).

And can you imagine doing this while regenerating the land and water we live on and providing a level of social stability through greater food security?

Please get in touch with me to discuss this opportunity and share this with your friends and colleagues.

See the nice to have numbers in the budget below.

Or perhaps you’d just like to help with travel between some part of the trip from Matakana to Wanaka, or want to offer some accommodation or a meal for Stefan, Doreen and myself, as we travel through the country, then please do get in touch.


James Samuel

021 252 0653


The numbers

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